Now that you’ve finally secured your future home, it’s time to start planning for your move. The process of moving is something that no one looks forward to. You can simplify the process by hiring professionals to pack your belongings, but if that’s not something you want to do, we can help you with this moving guide. Below we’ve created an extensive guide to help you make your move as painless as possible; check it out!

Moving Guide

Collect Your Supplies

The first step to starting your move is to gather all of the essential supplies for moving. The single most important of those is moving boxes. There are plenty of ways to get moving boxes without buying them, including borrowing from friends and family or getting them free from a site like Craigslist. Although not very expensive to buy, there are plenty of other options to find them free.
Other supplies that you’ll need when moving are packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress bags, and plastic wrap for your furniture. If you plan on moving yourself, you’ll also need ratchet straps to tie down your belongings in the truck or trailer. It’s also wise to make sure you’re stocked up on cleaning supplies so you don’t have any shortage when going to do the final clean on your home after moving out.

Start Packing

After you’ve gathered all of the supplies you need for moving, it’s time to start packing. To start, you should pack the things that aren’t essential to everyday life. This includes things such as tools, some of your cooking utensils, rugs, garden hoses, seasonal clothing, etc. Stuff that you use every day like your mattress or your toothbrush should be among the objects packed last.
A good rule of thumb is to start with decorations. You should use bubble wrap on any fragile vases or other glassware. When packing your couches and other furniture, it’s oftentimes a safe bet to wrap them in plastic wrap. This is especially true for wooden furniture like tables, as it will prevent any scratches or blemishes on the furniture. When packing your mattress, you should use a mattress bag to protect it from dust and dirt.
A day or two before the move is when you should begin to pack things that you use on a daily basis. You should pack the majority of your clothing, most of your dishes, TV’s, etc. Don’t forget to label your boxes! This will make the move easier as you can put boxes in their respective rooms based on the label and save you a ton of time during the move.

Moving Day

So it’s finally moving day. If you’ve prepared well enough for the move, it should be a fairly stress-free day. If you chose to not hire a moving company, it helps to pack up your truck or trailer the night before the move. It will most likely require several trips if you’re doing it on your own, so having it already packed when you wake up will save you a lot of time. When moving your belongings, you should start with the heaviest things first such as the furniture. This ensures you have the most strength when lifting heavy things like dressers and mattresses.
After this, move all of your labeled boxes. Because you labeled them, you can easily locate which boxes go where without tearing them open to check. This will ensure that you’re already fairly organized by the time you start unpacking.
The final step after moving all of your belongings is to do a final clean on your old home. Not only is it just a good thing to do, but if you are a renter then this is also your best chance to get your security deposit back. You should run through and check if there are any basic repairs you can take care of, such as paint missing on the walls, to further ensure receiving your security deposit.

Avoid the Stress

Even when going through all of these steps, moving day can still be stressful. Below we’ve included a downloadable Moving Day Checklist to keep you organized.
If you wish to completely remove the stress, it’s a good idea to hire a professional. Boise Moving and Storage will not only lift and transport all of your belongings safely, but will also pack and unpack your belongings if you desire. Take the stress out of moving and give Boise Moving and Storage a call for a free estimate on your move today!