The stress of moving is something that can be completely avoided with proper planning! Time constraints are one of the biggest culprits for causing anxiety during the moving process. Utilizing storage facilities before, during, and after your move can lift this extra weight you feel off your shoulders while moving. As seasoned moving professionals, the Boise Moving and Storage team has seen the difference that short-term storage units make to reduce stress and promote efficiency in the couple of weeks around a move.

Start Packing Earlier

All we can say is… the earlier the better! If you wait to pack and try to cram it all into one day or even one weekend, you will probably regret it. There are likely tons of items in your home that barely get used, so if you pack these items early and put them in a storage facility you will have less to worry about on your actual moving day! If you are wondering how early you should pack and what you should pack each week leading up to your move, check out this week-to-week packing breakdown.

Less to Move at Once

The packing process starts long before your actual moving day, and there are many ways to help reduce the amount of stuff you have to transport all at once. The biggest way you can help smooth the moving process is by placing some of the lesser-used items in storage. Placing them in here will ensure they are safe and something that you won’t have to worry about until after your move. This also means that you won’t have to move them, along with your other belongings, on your actual moving day.

Leave Items Until You Need Them

One of the biggest advantages of incorporating a storage unit in your move is that you can leave your belongings in there until you need them. You can take extra boxes to storage so you can unpack without extra items in your way. Most storage facilities offer month-to-month contracts, so you don’t have to get into any long-term rentals if you don’t want to. This will allow you the flexibility to take out your possessions as you please and terminate the contract once you remove everything!

Stay Organized

When you start packing early, you can take your time and organize your belongings. There are many tips and tricks online for staying organized while moving! Organization will not only help keep your items protected because you can pack them more diligently, but also can help you remember what is in each box when you unpack. When you place your boxes in a storage unit, labeling and organizing each box will help ensure all boxes get put in the proper room and eliminate extra moving.

Take away some of the stress that the moving process brings. If you need to rent short-term storage space, hire movers, or just have a question, contact Boise Moving and Storage today!