Like every other season, the summer months have pros and cons. To help you plan ahead for your summer move, the Boise Moving and Storage team has put together a list of a few common things that are often overlooked when planning a move during the warm weather; check them out below!

Keep It Cool

The summer sun may look nice from inside your air-conditioned house, but moving your furniture from a truck into a new home in the heat can be tortuous. Heatstroke is a common and serious issue when it comes to summer moves because people’s bodies can overheat when they try to move during the hottest part of the day. To avoid dealing with these high temperatures, you should plan on doing most of your move in the early morning. Bright summer mornings can offer cooler temperatures that will help you avoid strain on your body and make the entire moving process a little more bearable!

Dress Appropriately

The type of clothing you wear may not cross your mind when you are planning, but it can have a big impact when moving day comes! If you wear heavy, warm clothing then you are more likely to suffer from a heat-related illness during your move. Because there is so much physical labor involved in moving, clothing that provides additional heat can be harmful. Some suggestions for proper summer moving attire would be lightweight and breathable materials. Loose-fitting clothing is also encouraged so it does not stick to your body and cause discomfort. Lastly, dark-colored clothes absorb the sun’s heat and can be hotter to wear, so the lighter the color the better!

Hire Movers Ahead Of Time

Since the summer has such desirable weather, many families often plan their move for this time of year. This means that if you are hoping to hire a moving company to help you safely transfer all of your belongings to your new home, you will likely need to have your dates booked in advance. Some moving companies tend to raise their rates in the summer because of the high demand, so scheduling ahead of time can help you save money as well! If you already have a date set to move into your new home, you can request an estimate from Boise Moving and Storage to get your move booked before it gets too busy!

Moving during the summer has its own strenuous factors that may be overlooked in the planning process. If you are looking to make your summer move a little less stressful, contact Boise Moving and Storage today for a free estimate!