From organizing your personal belongings at your old home to settling in your new place, there are so many little tasks you need to remember to complete when moving! Here at Boise Moving & Storage, we want to share the three most common mistakes people make when moving so that you can be prepared for your next move!

#1: Labeling Your Boxes!

Labeling may be the most important aspect you need to remember when packing all of your belongings. At Boise Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on handling your boxes and storage items with the utmost care. Letting yourself and your moving company know which boxes are fragile and which ones contain pillows makes the process of moving easier for everyone. Missing this step increases your time of unpacking tremendously because nothing will be in the right location! This step is critical to easing the stress of moving and making it a much smoother experience.

#2: Procrastinating the Process

It is important to know that moving is a long and strenuous process. Thinking that you can throw everything in a box the day before you have to be out of your old residence is one of the biggest misconceptions in the book! A good tip for first-time movers is to make a schedule of rooms you will pack up leading up to the big transition, starting with rooms you spend the least amount of time into the rooms you use most.

#3: Forgetting to Get an Estimate

Most things in life contain a price tag on it, moving companies included. The most important aspect of hiring a moving company is understanding the different kinds of moving estimates.

Non-Binding Estimate

A non-binding estimate is where the move is quoted by the weight of the actual belongings. These moves are never prices that are set in stone, which can vary up to 30 days after the actual move. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your desired moving company’s non-binding weight system, if they have one, before hiring them.

Binding Estimate

A binding estimate is a fixed cost after the movers inspect the weight of your belongings. It is crucial to get multiple estimates from moving companies before you settle on one to make sure you don’t get overcharged for their services. However, you don’t want to choose a mover just because they’re the cheapest; finding a qualified, licensed mover is just as important as getting multiple estimates.

Binded Not-To-Exceed Estimate

Popular by demand, binded not-to-exceed estimates are where a price is quoted for you but can vary depending on the weight of your possessions. That being said, if they set a price and it turns out that your belongings are less weight than they expected, you can end up paying less than the original estimate. It is important to understand every type of estimate when picking which is best for you!

By knowing these very common mistakes, you are now prepared for your next move! By simply typing your name, email, phone number, and description of your move, you can get a quote from Boise Moving & Storage in no time. We cannot wait to get you settled into your new home or office, so call us today to get started!