When we think of moving to a new house, we generally would think of it occurring during the warm summer months. Although we don’t think of winter moves all that often, they happen fairly frequently and can sometimes be more enjoyable than a summer move. In summer moves, it’s pretty common that you sweat and start to overheat from the hot summer sun beating on your skin. The cool and crisp winter breeze can almost feel refreshing while exerting the energy that comes with moving. However, there can be some problems with moving in the winter. Below, our team at Boise Moving & Storage explored some of those problems, as well as some tips to counteract them. Check it out!

Ice Melt

One of your best friends during a winter move is going to be ice melt. Finding yourself an effective ice melt before moving your belongings is going to help you greatly. Without an ice melt laid down, the path up to your house can become iced over and could be very dangerous when carrying boxes and heavy furniture to the front door of your new home. You would first want to shovel off any snow if there is any. After that, you lay down the ice melt and let it sit for a little while. Most ice melt comes in a sort of salt form so when you let it sit on the path, it works its magic over time. There are many different types of ice melts for different situations, but the granule form will be most beneficial when moving as it provides some extra traction.


A few other items that are going to be very crucial for a winter move are towels and rugs. Think about it, when you’re going from the outside to inside a house as much as you do during a move, you can easily track snow or ice melt inside. It’s important to have towels and rugs at every entrance so you can wipe the moisture and ice melt off the bottom of your shoes before tracking it in. This will ensure you keep your new house as clean as possible when you spend your first night there.

Protect Belongings Against the Weather

Something else you have to think about that you wouldn’t when moving in the summer is protection against precipitation. In the Treasure Valley, it’s pretty common that we get rain and snow in the winter. If you have an open bed truck that you’re using to move, your boxes could end up getting soaking wet from the snow or rain. Wet cardboard boxes will start to break down, exposing your personal belongings to the elements. If you know that you will be moving during winter weather, consider using a tarp to cover your truck bed, rent a moving truck, or hire a professional moving company!

If you are looking for some help in your moving process this winter, contact Boise Moving & Storage. We can help you with all of your moving needs, give us a call today for a free estimate. We look forward to speaking with you!