Moving from one house to another can sometimes be a very stressful process. While packing your belongings, you might start to realize you have way too much stuff. Downsizing before a move is a viable way to decrease your stress on moving day. By getting rid of some belongings, it makes it quicker for your moving company to move you, or even for you to move yourself if you decide to go that route.
But how do you decide what to get rid of and what to keep? Here are some tips to help you downsize before you move.

Start Early

If you start attempting to downsize a month or so before you plan on moving it will benefit you greatly. Downsizing can be somewhat of a long process, and giving yourself more time to do so will give you the time needed to decide if you actually want to get rid of things or keep them.

Downsize By Category

When you start the downsizing process, you should go by category of the items to expedite the process. For example, you could start with something like clothing and get all the way through that, and then move on to kitchen utensils. By focusing on only one area at a time, it helps you get through it quicker because you won’t lose concentration on the task at hand. When downsizing, you have to go through a series of questions to decide if it really needs to go or not.

Use a Storage Unit

If you’d rather not completely get rid of your belongings but don’t have the space to keep them in your new home, a storage unit is a great option. This ensures you’ll have access to your items if you ever find that you need them, but will keep your new house from becoming cluttered.
Storage units are generally not too expensive, and nowadays there are options for things like climate-controlled storage. This will ensure your goods don’t become damaged from the extreme heat and cold when in the storage unit. Certain items need to be stored in a climate-controlled unit more so than others, including things like wooden furniture and instruments.

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