Although there are many beautiful states in the U.S.A., none quite compare to Idaho. The growth of Boise in the last few years is a testament to this, even being declared the fastest-growing city of 2017. There are plenty of reasons to move to Idaho, but here are some of our favorite things about this great state.

Proximity to Nature

One of the biggest attractions is the close proximity to nature in Idaho’s cities. Boise, Idaho’s capital, has a large area of foothills and mountains surrounding it. This gives its residents a lot of options for outdoor activities, some of the favorites being mountain biking, hiking, and skiing. There are plenty of trails around Boise, so you’ll never get bored of just one. Having nature closeby allows easy access to hunting, too. Another popular nature attraction is the river running right through Boise, allowing you to fish or go for a nice float in the sun.
Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman, or just like to be outside, Idaho has something to offer for you. Owning all of this outdoor gear means you’ll have to find a way to store it in the offseason, and Boise Moving and Storage has the perfect solution. Our climate-controlled storage will provide a safe environment for your expensive equipment. We will even go find your item when requested instead of you having to unpack your unit yourself!

Downtown Life

Boise has an amazing downtown that is only getting bigger. With large scale luxury condos being built, Boise isn’t stopping it’s growth anytime soon! It boasts a great bar scene, with a lot of the bars being within a block of each other downtown. Downtown Boise also has many microbreweries and cider houses that have popped up in recent years.
The Capital City Public Market is one of the locals’ favorite things to attend in the summer. From April to October, Boise turns its Grove Plaza and 8th Street into an open-air market filled with local vendors. During the season, it’s the place to be on a Saturday morning! There are booths that serve crepes and other breakfast items, but it’s also a great place to get fresh produce and some handmade knick-knacks.


If you enjoy all of the activities mentioned above but feel like you don’t want to live in a big city, Idaho has plenty of smaller surrounding cities that offer a close commute to Boise for work. Meridian, a suburb with rising popularity, is a 20-minute commute at the furthest point from Boise. This gives you the opportunity to raise your family in the suburbs while still being able to enjoy Boise’s nightlife and work for one of Boise’s great companies.

Your New Home

Whether you love to be out in the mountains and on the rivers, love great downtown life, or want a small and quiet suburb, Idaho has something to offer for everyone. Moving all of your belongings can be a pain when you’re trying to enjoy all that this great state has to offer, but Boise Moving and Storage will unpack all of your belongings for you, even if it’s out of your own trailers and trucks. Take the worry off your shoulders and go out to enjoy Idaho; give Boise Moving & Storage a call today with any questions about your move!