Maximizing your space will allow for productivity and a lively mood throughout the office. A few factors can help you out in your space no matter the size.

Configuring The Space

In order to optimize your space, it is important to plan accordingly. Boise Office Moving and Storage offers space planning services so that your office furniture including cubicle structures will fit effortlessly into the desired space.

Shared Space

Shared spaces are great to allow for more open space within the office. Ditch the cubicles and minimize the use of physical documents. This will allow for more collaboration and less clutter.

Create “Zones”

In order to optimize your space, it is important to move your furniture in order to create “zones.” Zones can be designated for meetings, group work, quiet space, etc. By moving your furniture, with the help of a moving company, your office can have a new start.
In a small office, it can be difficult to maintain a certain amount of privacy in order to get work done, but dividing your space into zones can help organize both your work and your employees.


Assess your office space and decide what is necessary, and what can be moved out. The idea here is to have an office that is free of any clutter and keeping just the bare minimum amount of furniture possible to keep your employees satisfied and working hard. Most importantly, get rid of any unnecessary things and replace furniture like circular desks with rectangular tables that can fit more people. Reduce your storage needs and start thinking about vertical storage spaces to utilize as much space as possible.

Telecommuting Opportunities

Telecommuting can be a great way to optimize space and encourage hard work. Different people work better in different environments. By optimizing telecommuting opportunities, you can hone in on productivity and comfort for your employees. Fewer people in a workspace requires less furniture as well, optimizing the space. This way, office space can be used for meetings and face to face interactions.


Light can give the illusion that an office is bigger. A bright room can make a space feel open and encourage employees to be more alive and motivated. Don’t be sparse on the light fixtures; the more the better!
Contact Boise Office Moving and Storage today to help you move your furniture in order to optimize your space!