Moving sometime soon? Need some help here in Treasure Valley? Boise Moving and Storage is here to help in any way we can, even if you are not in the area. We have some advice to give on how to stay organized during your move, especially with moving services in Boise.

Declutter Before

The less you have to pack, the easier of a job it’ll be. By sorting through your items before you begin the process it will eliminate the unnecessary clutter. “Dealing with it later” is not the easy way out because that creates more unnecessary items that you now have to sort through. By only packing the necessary items, you can organize easier and decrease the chances of losing important items.

Create an Inventory

The typical brown moving boxes come with handy little areas to write what items are contained inside, but creating an inventory goes beyond that!
In order to stay organized, it is essential to create a separate list of your belongings and the boxes they are located in. This is easiest when the boxes are labeled solely with the location and number, such as “Living Room 24,” which correlate onto the reference sheet. This process allows you to easily find packed away items and even identify which boxes were misplaced in the moving process.

Separate Storage Area for Separate Rooms

After each of the boxes are packed and identified as mentioned before, it is crucial to keep them separated by room within the truck, storage, or any other place they may end up. This allows the moving company to assist you in placing the boxes in the correct location, keeping it organized and creating less work for you. Disorganization can lead to lost or broken items and more work for you in the unpacking process. Moving companies in Boise, Idaho, along with the rest of Treasure Valley, want to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Pack the Essentials Last

By packing the essentials last, you have easier access to them. It can be a hassle when you have to go digging for those essential items that you accidentally packed. Searching for these items causes you to rearrange the previous packing that you worked so hard to organize. By packing these last, you avoid this and keep everything in the correct place.

Hire the Right Moving Company

Nothing is worse than having a moving company that does not care. Whether you are hiring a moving company for residential, office, or any other moving in the Treasure Valley, it is important that they take care of your belongings in the overall process. Boise Moving and Storage values their customers and their belongings, and is committed to making this process as easy as possible for you. We are not a franchise or an agent, resulting in low costs to get the job done. Call Boise Moving and Storage today to get a quote on your next (organized) move!